Business Plus is proud to support nonprofit organizations around the world that seek to better their communities and the social good. Eligible nonprofit organizations may receive for the beginning a FREE package and a discount off of Hosting and Streaming standard offers. Eligible nonprofit organizations may also combine these discounts with the volume discounts offered by Business plus to all customers.

Also we are offering a limited number of Free Hosting spaces to churches to assist them in spreading the good news!
Only a small number of free Hosting Packages are available.

Due to the large number of requests, we will only send you an email if your application is approved.

Eligible Organizations
In general, organizations are eligible to receive a nonprofit discount if they are a nongovernmental organization recognized as a nonprofit or charitable entity in their home country. Public and nonprofit private educational institutions are also eligible to receive the nonprofit discount.

Examples of Eligible Organizations

  • Public and private primary and secondary schools
  • Private nonprofit colleges and universities
  • Public colleges and universities
  • Hospitals affiliated with a public or private nonprofit college or university

Ineligible Organizations
In general, organizations that are not eligible to receive a nonprofit discount on Business Plus services include government agencies, for-profit educational institutions, political or lobbying organizations, and other organizations unable to demonstrate their nonprofit status.

Examples of Ineligible Organizations

  • Government agencies, museums, hospitals (except for government-funded colleges and universities)
  • For-profit educational institutions
  • Hospitals and medical clinics not affiliated with public or private nonprofit colleges or universities
  • Government broadcasting entities

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